The Future of Hydro is Local

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Today, Hydro Electricity in North America is only generated from water
dams of massive scale. The smaller water mill sites that historically powered communities
and industry have been left vacant, in favour of larger projects.

Aslan Renewables designs modern hydro-electric dams
to fit the thousands of abandoned energy sites across North America –
renewing their value as sources of infinite green energy.



By bringing historical energy sites back to life with modern technology, 
Aslan is building a network of scalable modular hydro dams that collectively, 
will have huge impact on our renewable energy supply.

50,000 dams / one solution

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River Hydro

Using small, custom turbines we can turn small river flow into unlimited renewable energy. With a scalable, modular approach we can turn tens of thousands of small waterways into power sources that feed the grid 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Modular Tidal

Using tidal turbines no bigger than a barrel, Aslan can transform natural tidal waterflow into an infinite source of energy.  Every barrel we drop in the water can power 30 homes year-round, without harming fish populations, interfering with boating, or impacting local ecology.


Our most important industries rely on significant waterflow. Using Aslan’s approach to repurposing water power, wastewater facilities, concrete plants, and agricultural facilities can recapture the energy of their water flow to minimize their carbon footprint and contribute to the future of sustainable industry.

Benefits of Aslan Hydro

  • Stability
    Aslan Hydro Dams create stable, consistent energy from the flow of water, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. With virtually no spiking, the energy is simple to manage in comparison to solar or wind. 
  • Low Cost / High Yield
    Aslan Dams are a very low-cost source of commercial energy. With simple installation and a modular approach, Aslan dams are renewables energy solutions that is designed to fit small communities, schools, hospitals, and collectively power metro grids. 
  • Energy Independence 
    Modular Aslan Dams are built to serve off-grid communities with the systems they need to power homes and services, create jobs, and eliminate reliance on petrol generators